My Heart Stint Story

You wanna put WHAT in my heart?

My Heart-Stint Story

"Read the Story of one
73-year-old-guy's bout with
Heart Difficulty and how his Fears
were calmed when he researched
important questions
about Heart Stints/Stents..."

From: Winn Griffin


What if...

You were working along and began to feel some discomfort in your chest, or maybe this happened to your father, mother, or another member of your family. Off to the ER you went. After a battery of tests, the doctors announce that you or you loved-one has some blockage in the heart's arteries. The treatment: you need a heart stint. What is a heart stint? you think to yourself.


You have been through the heart stint procedure. You are now bionic and happy to be alive, but you still don't know very much about heart stints.


You have a lot of questions about what all this stint stuff means. Questions like:

  • What does this mean for what was my normal life?
  • How long do these gall darn things last?
  • Can I continue to have sex?

to mention just a few.

Good News!

Well, here's the good news: My Heart Stint Story. This information-packed eBook not only tells you about me, a 64 year-old-guy and my journey through the maze of heart difficulty and heart stints but ANSWERS questions from twenty (20) different categories the answers to which calmed your fears about what has happened to you as it calmed my fears during my research.

In addition to the questions...

You will get a blow-by-blow account of the heart stint procedures that I went through. I will tell you what it's like. For some of you, you will already know the experience; for others, who may still be facing the procedure, or for members of your family like your mom or dad. It always helps to know how others have lived in the situation and walked out the other side. Yep, you can gain from my experience.


Here are some of the twenty (20) categories of questions that are contained in this eBook.

  • What is a heart stint?
  • How long do heart stints last?
  • What about sexual activity?
  • How dangerous is the procedure?
  • How long do heart stints last?
  • What about alternative treatment?

plus many others.

Now! Here's The Exciting Part

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My Heart-Stint Story

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*Of course, the information provided should not be substituted for the answers you may receive from your own cardiologist.

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